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The Colorado Film School, located in Denver, is ranked number 20 in the US and 25th worldwide for film school educations by The Hollywood Reporter.


Film / Video Business
2012 Colorado Film School – Arthur "Art" O. Thomas
Basic principles of business and how they apply to the motion picture industry; new venture creation, intellectual property, accounting and finance.

Producing the Independent Film
2012 Colorado Film School – Arthur "Art" O. Thomas
Measuring, analyzing and assessing the industry, box office, markets and risk factors to create a business plan for marketing, financing and distribution of a feature film.

Production Management
2011 Colorado Film School – Nevelyn Black
EP Movie Magic Scheduling and Budget software utilized to prepare script breakdown and division to predict, calculate and estimate for insurance, unions, guilds, etc. to effectively schedule and budget a feature length film or television production.


Digital Editing:  Final Cut X / Final Cut Pro 7 Studio
2012 / 2010 Colorado Film School – Jerry Hofmann
Capturing, outputting and software integration of non-linear editing using Final Cut Pro X / Final Cut Pro 7 Studio for comprehension of various editing techniques including analyzing other editors works for technical merit to meet industry standards and expectations.

Video Post Production I & II
2011 / 2009 Colorado Film School – Geoffrey Chadwick - Post II Margaret Norwood - Post I

​Non-linear digital editing using Final Cut Pro 7 Studio for storytelling introducing audio post production, music creation, placement and color correction.  Emphasis on critical analysis of shot construction, motion, composition & character development.


Studio Recording for Voice
2011 Colorado Film School – Margaret Norwood
Preparation and performance for song and dialogue for the screen in the studio including studio protocol, microphone techniques, ADR and voicing animated characters exploring sound and its effect on emotion and character to support the visual story.



​​​Development of Film Expression

2010 Colorado Film School – Dirk Olson                                         Explored the nature and structure of film/video expression, concentrating on how directors, editors and cinematographers use visual techniques to serve the narrative.  Analysis of lighting, composition, camera position, movement, lens, depth of field, use of screen space, placement of performers, sound design and editing.​​​


The Documentary Film
2010 Colorado Film School – Richard “Dick” Alweis
Clinical look at the historical development of documentary film while analyzing the use of techniques for finding story and understanding the challenges of the medium.


Canon 5D Mark III DSLR Training
2012 Boulder Digital Arts – Brian Brown
DSLR Training for the 5D Mark II & Mark III - differences, advances, problems and shooting techniques.

Camera Techniques
2011 Colorado Film School – Scott VanOrdstrand
Examination of film camera’s V/S video cameras, how they work, narrative importance of different camera angles, movement and focal planes for the acquisition of images.

Introduction to Film Production / Video Production I & II
2010 / 2009 Colorado Film School – Tony Pfau
Applied creative and technical aspects of cinematography for considering film stock, laboratory processing, telecine, crew positions, audio, lighting and exposure. Used a variety of camera types and lighting for dimensional visual storytelling to create emotional connections between the audience and character


Writing for Broadcast Media
2012 Colorado Film School – Laurel Dibble
Developing and writing for a feature screenplay / teleplay including conceptualization, genre conventions, act structure, scene construction and character development combined with summarizing written work through pitch sessions and writers meetings.


Writing the Short Script

2009 Colorado Film School – Kyle Harris
Writing techniques, workflow and construction.  Building dynamic characters & subtext.​  The write, rewrite and polish.

Short Script Analysis
2009 Colorado Film School – Aaron Burns
Critical thinking analysis for story, technique and subtext behind the writers work in a short script format with coverage analysis.


Directors Workshop

2010 Colorado Film School – Frederic Lahey

The groundwork for understanding script dynamics and interpretation, script and scene breakdowns for shooting and for properly planning shot selections, rehearsals, blocking for camera and for understanding how to offer playable direction to actors.​

Understanding the Actor’s Process
2010 Colorado Film School – Galina Boulgakova
Explored the actor’s process by using acting theory, improvisation, script and character analysis, rehearsal processes and protocols, and basic terminology for actors in an on screen environment while collaborating with directors, actors and crew.

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